A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Join Rocko, a courageous astroid, on his adventure to destroy the Sun and impress his girlfriend Roxanne. On your way to the Sun, use the planets' orbits to gain critical velocity. Get ready to "rock" out on this high speed radical journey across the Milky Way! Avoid "heavy metal" satellites, "rocking" space pirates, and keep pace with the music or else you will lose your momentum and be shown up by Brocko, your rival.

Install instructions


It's A and D to steer

W or Up to rotate forward and move slightly faster

spacebar to launch yourself when you're orbiting a planet

The game ends when you hit the sun. Because we don't know how to menu, alt+f4 to close out!


Exe.rar 21 MB
Louder.zip 25 MB
RockoMMC_mac.zip 27 MB